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Guidance for Neurodivergent Adults

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How to Stop Autism Masking

Are you a neurodivergent adult struggling with autism masking? We explore the reasons why individuals mask their autism, such as…

High Functioning Autism in Adults
Symptoms of ADHD in Women
Beyond Distraction: The Lesser Known Symptoms of ADHD

ADHD isn't just about being easily distracted or hyperactive. The lesser known symptoms of ADHD can manifest in various ways…

adhd argumentative behavior in adults


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High Functioning Autism in Adults
What is High Functioning Autism in Adults?

This article explores the topic of High Functioning Autism in Adults. Specifically, the diagnostic criteria,…

ADHD and Communication Difficulties in Adults
ADHD and Communication Difficulties in Adults

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects both children and adults, often characterized by symptoms…

Autism 2e
Autism 2e: What Does it Mean to Be Twice Exceptional?

Are you curious about the concept of Autism 2e and what it means to be…

My ASd
How to help my ASD child sleep

'How do I help my ASD child sleep?' is the start of learning all about…


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